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MOUNTAIN BOTTLE CAPS™ - Non-Spill, Leak-Proof Bottle Caps for 3 & 5 Gallon Water Bottles, 20 Pack - BPA Free

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  • SUPERIOR SPILL-PROOF REPLACEMENT BOTTLE CAPS: Pack of 20 high quality, economical replacement bottle lids for your home or office 3 and 5 gallon bottled water dispenser jugs.
  • NON-SPILL, NON-SPLASH, AND LEAK-PROOF: In-house tested to ensure there is No spilling, No splashing, and No leaking even when your water bottles are on their side in a storage rack or are turned upside down as you place them on your water cooler!
  • EASY SNAP-TOP FIT for 3 and 5 GALLON BOTTLES: Designed to fit three and five gallon (11 and 18 liter) 55 mm-neck water bottles. Mountain Bottle Caps™ fit standard, non-threaded, non-screw top water bottles and snap on simply to form a Safe, Clean, Airtight seal.
  • SUSTAINABLE and ATTRACTIVE: Mountain Bottle Caps™ easy peel-off labels evoke the natural beauty of our blue sky, forested mountains, and pure mountain lakes. They are great for home and office alike. Refill and reuse large water jugs, and avoid the waste and cost associated with single use small water bottles. Mountain Bottle Caps™ are recyclable.
  • MANUFACTURED LOCALLY: All of our Mountain Bottle Caps products are manufactured in the United States or Canada. This means lower shipping costs, enhanced availability, and a smaller carbon footprint from shipping.  Mountain Bottle Caps™ non-spill lids are BPA-Free and comply with both U.S. and Canada Food and Drug Regulations.